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  Eric doesn’t remember his home world. He came to Halloween town when his home was devoured by darkness, he remembers that. But that’s all, there are no details. No memories of beaches or forests or mountains. Just the dark.
  He fit in well in Halloween town. It was a place for fears and dark and unsettling things. There weren’t many humans there, but that just meant the locals found him even stranger than he already was. His piercings he had when he came here. The scars came after. He didn’t have a temper, per se, but he was unstable. If anything made him snap there was no talking him down. There was only violence and rage. Most of his scars were from his episodes. Some were simply because he wasn’t careful. It made no difference to him if he was hurt.
  Residents of Halloween town would describe him as strange but generally pleasant. He had an odd edge to him that made it hard for him to really make friends. Prone to keeping people at a
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Anniversary event
   This was going to be an interesting mission. Xrice knew that before he even stepped through the portal. Taking King Triton’s trident was on his agenda today, and he knew that wouldn’t be easy. It was never easy to take an object of power from someone, especially kings. They held their power close, guarding it with all their might. They would not yield it easily.
   Entering Atlantica was always strange. The shift into his world form was instantaneous upon entry, but it was still a strange sensation, breathing water instead of air. Using fins instead of legs. Xrice didn’t mind though. He liked strange. It fit in his mind where a lot of things didn’t.
   He swam in lazy circles, familiarizing himself with the powerful tiger shark tail that now took the place of his legs. It took him a few minutes, but once he was used to the change he turned and started for the city. He’d get a feel for the area before making his move. He fel
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I saw Qnerdi did this so I felt like doing it too

Frisk (Pacifist)
[x] You care deeply about others.
[/] You can easily forgive people.
[/] You are constantly nice to everyone around you.
[ ] You're a very social person.
[x] You are DETERMINED.
[x] You like Cinnamon and/or Butterscotch.
[x] Weapons are not your thing.
[/] You like the aspect of time-travel.
[ ] You hate flowers, especially talking ones. 
[x] You hate having to do bad things.
Total: 6.5

Frisk (Genocide)
[ ] You don't care at all about others.
[ ] You show no mercy.
[ ] You are constantly mean to everyone around you.
[x] You're a shut-in.
[x] You are DETERMINED.
[ ] You like demons. 
[ ] Weapons are totally your thing. 
[/] You like the aspect of time-travel.
[ ] You hate flowers, but you can respect them.
[ ] You love to do bad things.
Total: 2.5

[ ] You are kind of a freaking jerk. 
[ ] You have dark views of the world 
[ ] You look pretty cute, but you are actually ruthless and will hurt someone if necessary.
[x] You sometimes don't understand people's emotions. 
[ ] You like making people feel guilty. 
[ ] You enjoy hanging out in caves.
[ ] You like to surprise people.
[ ] You like to have power. All the power.
[ ] You'll do anything to get on top.
[ ] You tend to disturb people.
Total: 1

[/] You are a talented cook.
[/] You are willing to give up anything to save a few simple souls.
[ ] You live near or in a cave.
[ ] You have a fascination in magic.
[ ] Fighting isn't your thing, but if you wanted to, you could really hurt someone.  
[/] You are incredibly over-protective.
[ ] You underestimate people sometimes.  
[ ] You'd make a great caretaker.
[x] You tend to not be an active force, but rather a passive.
[x] You like to give knowledge.
Total: 3.5

[ ] You're a prankster.
[x] You enjoy bad puns.
[x] You care deeply about your family, even if you don't always show it.
[x] You're always willing to help those in need.
[x] You're a bit of a slacker.
[x] You're fascinated by time lines, multiple universes, things like that.
[ ] You can go from lovable to bad-ass in nearly a second. 
[ ] You work a lot of jobs.
[ ] The place you normally take people to meet up is a restaurant.
[ ] You know more than you let on.
Total: 5

[x] You enjoy cooking.
[ ] You think you're pretty freaking awesome, but in all honesty, you're not.
[ ] You strive for greatness.
[ ] You don't have very high standards.
[ ] You tend to yell a lot.
[ ] You put work in front of others.
[/] You get angry when things aren't being accomplished.
[ ] You are not very observant.
[ ] You hope to achieve respect.
[x] You are inexperienced at dating.
Total: 2.5

[ ] You have a lot of power.
[ ] You believe heavily in justice.
[ ] You're the type to hold a grudge.
[ ] You are a skilled fighter.
[ ] You are extremely confident.
[ ] People look up to you.
[ ] You think spears are cool.
[x] You put your friends before anything else.
[ ] You can be a nice person, if whoever you're with is on your good side.
[x] You're reasonably determined.
Total: 2

[ ] You like science.
[ ] You have a skill for creating things.
[ ] You are obsessed with another culture. 
[ ] You are a bit of a shut-in, not because you want to be.
[ ] You s-stutter a, um, lot.
[x] You like anime.  
[x] You have a bit of a low self-esteem. 
[x] You'll do anything for a friend.
[/] You are fascinated by time travel.
[ ] You have some secret crushes. 
Total: 3.5

[x] You don't want to hurt anyone or anything.
[/] You sometimes let your rage block out your judgment.
[ ] You enjoy gardening.
[ ] Your family does not have the best relationship.
[x] You are willing to fight for the people you love and care about.
[ ] You've lost multiple loved ones.
[ ] You're strong, even if you don't use your strength to much.
[x] You tend to be pretty quiet.
[ ] if you want to, you can look totally awesome.
[ ] People tend to look up to you as a leader.
Total: 3.5

Pacifist! shocking :d
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Hi all,
I don't really have much to say about myself. I'm a Christian. I enjoy music and art in pretty much all forms. At the moment I'm hoping to become a published author.
Feel free to talk to me or give me advice.



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Hopefully not in a bad way, but yeah. Job stuff too. Potentially moving, all that good stuff.
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